Hopes for the Summer

         After high school, I plan on joining the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps created an organization called the Experiment in International Living, a program taking high school students over seas to experience the world's diverse cultures and exciting experiences. The program travels to over 20 countries including Morocco, Tanzania, and South Korea. It also as specific areas of interest for each trip. For example, the program in Costa Rica highlights biodiversity and sustainability. I would love to be a part of such an incredible program. To do so, I apply by selecting my top 2 trips, writing an essay, and providing 3 letters of recommendation. Only 12 will be accepted per trip. For my top 2 trips, I chose Japan (Japanese language and culture) and Thailand (Buddhist culture and Thai tradition). It would be so amazing to learn Japanese and Thai! Both trips also include 20 home stays with local families, and temple stays, which is awesome. 

Abigail Crouch