As an intern for the Albuquerque International Association, my job is to make coffee runs, sign visitors into lectures, and then attend various events myself. Among me are other volunteers as well as workers. Do you ever meet those people who seem to just radiate goodness? Kindness? That’s Henrick. Henrick, (whose last name I can’t recall), I would describe as a cute elderly gentleman whose smile is always the first thing to notice. He told me about his Polish heritage, and his life traveling. He told me about his great months in Brooklyn, and greater years in Northern California. He told me about his 26 year old daughter. When I told him about my project and my love for journalism, Henrick told me to ask him something. I thought. “Tell me about a time you either were involved in or witnessed an act of kindness,” I asked. He thought. “Well I’ve dated older women,” he chuckled. I laughed, even though I didn’t completely understand what I thought was a joke. He never really answered the question. As I sat 20 minutes later in a lecture on modern day Turkey, I found the answer to my question. I sat quietly in a room of adults talking amongst themselves. No one asked for my opinion on whatever they were discussing. I think it was something political. Maybe they didn’t think I would understand. Or, maybe they just thought I was 16, no more than a kid. But, Henrick spoke with me. He didn’t speak to me, he spoke with me. He spoke with me like an adult (even though he occasionally joked about the frequency of my use of the word “like”). He made funny jokes, and asked my opinion on things. Henrick is the kindness. His entire character is centered around virtue, and kindness, and decency. I love my internship at the AIA. I’ve met such incredible people, doing incredible things. People like Henrick only make it better.

Abigail Crouch