In Honor of Halloween

This halloween, many white parents are restricting their kids from dressing up as characters of races different than their own. They reason that it would be offensive for a “white privilege” child to dress as a minority. Okay, this is insane guys. This is racism. It’s telling children who aren’t white that they can’t be Cinderella or robin hood because of the color of their skin. Children should be able to be whomever they want...not just on Halloween. But, Halloween's whole purpose is to give people the chance to be someone else for a night. In the film industry, there are finally lead roles and characters who don’t just fit the typical white, skinny stereotype. Moana, Hidden Figures, Mission Impossible; We’re finally beginning to show kids that anyone can be anything. And this sends a completely different message.    

So, if your daughter wants to be Moana this halloween, jeez, let the girl be Moana, regardless of her race, because we should celebrate each other and our differences. We should celebrate acceptance.

Abigail Crouch