Before this summer, I couldn't imagine myself falling in love with overflowing sidewalks, pollution and long lines. I didn't think I would do well being smushed between people at any given moment or paying $15 for a plain bagel.  And I didn't. The streets were too crowded, and the sky was too murky, and the cars were too obnoxious.




New York city is special. I miss enormous libraries and bright lights. I miss Columbia. I miss 3 hour classes, and Alan getting side-tracked during his lectures. I miss his outrageous homework load. And I miss complaining about it with Zoe and Tali. (We secretly loved it). I miss taking turns getting food for each other, since we didn’t have the time to get it ourselves.  I miss the flooding of the Columbia sidewalks during a really bad rainstorm; I miss running to class in them. I miss interviewing New Yorkers and hearing their incredible stories. I miss walking into the lobby of Carmen Hall at 12a.m and giggling at the Security guard's 5SOS music. I miss losing sleep to city sounds and articles to write by morning. I miss frantic coffee runs with my classmates, vlogging with Tali, and Zoe telling me about her life in China.


I miss crowded streets and murky skies and obnoxious cars.


I'd been told that the people of New York City are the rudest, loudest around. And yes, they walk at the speed of light, and drink too much coffee, and will probably toss you out of their way if you give them a chance, but I’ve learned it’s not because they are rude. They have places to go, and I want to go places too.

Abigail Crouch