Sometimes people ask me if it sucks. “You don’t spend all your time on your computer do you,” or god forbid “reading” . At first, these type of questions really bothered me, and made me wonder if I really wasn’t living. But quickly, after much thought over the matter, these questions, for me, became like a guilty pleasure. I spend the majority of my time in the Odyssey Scholars program talking to people. The ones who completely let me into their world, and the ones who don’t. And I’ve come to learn about a person even through simple small talk. Meeting people, hearing their stories, telling their stories gives me absolute pure joy. I don’t even remember the girl who -what, 8 months ago?- couldn’t even ask a question in class. (You won’t believe how much time I spent outside of class asking questions ). Now, like right this second, I could just stand up, and talk to people. Not from a script, or a memorized speech. Just, from me. The raw, unedited truth. I can’t describe how much I owe to this program. So, when people ask me if it sucks, I just smile. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I owe to this program.  I am living the way life's supposed to be lived. I am growing. I’ve never felt more present in the world I live in.


Abigail Crouch