Internship update

My internship with the Albuquerque International Association has been a huge opportunity for me. I’ve never been in a room full of more curious, world educated people. And I feel incredibly lucky that even a small part of this knowledge may have been passed to myself. My internship has taught me professionalism, responsibility, time management. I’ve learned what it’s like to be treated as an adult. No more “10% off per day late” or “come see me at lunch”. Real world, plain and simple. I’ve learned about Turkey and it’s perpetual state of crisis. I’ve learned about Mesopotamian art, and Middle Eastern writing. I’ve written articles. I’ve learned about the world and its people. I’ve spoken French with the attendees of lectures (they were critical of my pronunciation). I’ve conducted interviews, and taken pages of notes, and asked questions. I’ve taken notes-- in turkish.  I’ve spoken up. And possibly most important of all, I’ve discovered that this isn’t the type of writing i like, or the type of writing I can feel proud of. I don’t like writing an article almost identical to about a hundred others you can find online. I like being different. I like writing things no one can do the same as me. I like writing about things I’m passionate about.  So, yes I will be ending my internship with the AIA, but I’m so grateful for all it has taught me, the writing styles it’s helped me explore, and most of all the incredible people I’ve met.


Abigail Crouch