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Hello everyone, its Colin again. Today, I will be discussing what I have been doing over this past month, since I haven't blogged in a very long time. I have been doing a lot of things regarding my project including, making new contacts with people across the country, watching ample documentaries and TV shows on autism, reading books on both Autism and Playwriting, and many other things. One of the big things that I have been doing a lot recently is meeting with my mentor Mr. Darryl Bryant. I have mentioned him in previous blogs, but if you are new to my blog I will give you a little background information on Mr. Bryant. He has an MFA in music and he has agreed to help me throughout my writing of my musical, and also help me throughout my project. He was my middle school English and social studies teacher, he plays multiple instruments, and is an all around great guy. I am honored that he has agreed to help me in writing my play. 

Mr. Bryant and I have had a few meeting since my last blog and we have written a few more songs. I am writing all of the lyrics and he is writing some of the music and the melodies to which we are going to put the lyrics. I am not going to reveal what the song titles are or what the songs are about, because then I would have no interest from you guys, my audience, if you came to see the show, which I hope you will. But I will say that these meetings were very productive meetings and a lot was accomplished during them. In the near future, after Christmas has passed, we will be meeting at Mr. Bryant's house to compose music together rather than at an Uptown Starbucks to write the lyrics. I guess we both thought that we needed a more controlled environment. Hahaha.No but seriously, I think that this project is going to be a huge success.


Be sure to continue to follow my blog until the final product is finally revealed in a year and a half.


For now, thats all from me 

Colin Miller


Colin Miller