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Hey everybody. Its Colin blogging on this Odyssey Scholars page. As I have said in previous blogs, I have been researching autism but other opportunities arose and I began blogging about all things related to theatre such as writing, directing, and meeting people who act on Broadway in New York and performing in Carnegie Hall.

In this blog, I will begin talking about autism and a few of its aspects.  Autism is greatly misunderstood and there are myths about people with autism. One particular myth that really stood out to me while reading a book on autism, ASD Autism Explained,  by Frederick Earlstein, is that people with autism do not like to be touched.  I found this to be a myth, at least with regard to personal friends who have autism.  One of my friends, Luke, almost always greets me with either a hug or a handshake when he and his family come to my church. While it might be true that some people who are on the Spectrum may not like being touched, in my experiences that does not hold true.  With this information I can say that I have already found a key element into my research.

The book also had some other valuable information that will help me form my character in my play.  In Autism Spectrum Disorder, The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism, by Chantal Sicile-Kira, there is a section that speaks to behavioral characteristics of ASD.  The list of characteristics is comprehensive and I have not yet chosen the attributes my character will have. The list, however, will be a great reference point for when I begin to build my character.  Additionally, some of the characteristic traits listed in the book were difficult for me to understand.  I will seek professional help in the form of a doctor who specializes in autism or workers from the New Mexico Autism Society.  I plan on revisiting this subject as my research progresses.

In my next blog, I will flip back to theatre and discuss my interview with Ezra Colon, director at Duke City Repertory Theater.

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