Hello everyone!!

Hey everybody! This is Colin Miller doing my first blog for this page for Odyssey.

My project for this program is to write, direct, produce, and star in my own two man play about the affects of the performing arts on autism. As a backstory-or as character development as the case may be and since some of you may not know a lot about me-I will begin with a little about myself. 

I joined the Sandia Prep community as a freshman and I have loved theater as long as I can remember.  One day, I saw a documentary called Life Animated which is about a young boy who stopped speaking at the age of three.  He was subsequently diagnosed with ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, throughout his life he always had an interest and passion for Disney films. This passion actually enabled him to communicate his thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

This, since I am so into theatre and film, piqued my interest in the effect of performing arts on autistic individuals. My first goal to start investigating this dynamic is to learn more about the diagnosis and effect of the spectrum by researching physical and performing arts as therapy for persons on the spectrum. To start this process, in the coming year, I will interview many people with or who work with those on the Spectrum at places such as UNM and connections that I have in my own community.

In the following year I will start writing my play. I will need some more information about how to write a play since I have never written a play before.  I will Interview people who act, direct and produce either films or theater as their living, and how the various aspects are intertwined.  I plan to incorporate the information I learn from these professionals into my knowledge bank and use this information to help write, direct, produce and act in my play.

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