Art Tedesco Meeting

Hello everyone. Its Colin again.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been extremely busy with College Applications and other types of work. I have not really has time to post any blogs because I have been doing so many other things. But today I would like to tell you about a meeting I had with a local director in Albuquerque and the meeting that we had. I met with a brilliant man named Art Tedesco. Along with being a fantastic director of various projects around the state, he is also a wonderful actor. He and I sat down about a week ago and had a brilliant 37 minute conversation about my project and how to approach it from different angles. For example how to not mix the directing side with the acting or the writing side and so on. The biggest takeaway I had from this meeting was the fact that I need to take the script and break it down into little pieces and work all of those pieces separately to form a cohesive play. This I think will be easier for me than what I was trying to do: write the whole play at once and then go back and edit it before I perform it. I do believe it will be difficult to put all of the pieces together, but all in all, I believe it will be beneficial to my project.

Be sure to stay tuned for more developments including and Impromptu meeting with a broadway actress on her Instagram live stream.

That’s all for now

Colin Miller