More Exciting Developments!

Hello Everyone. It’s Colin again

I have had even more exiting developments in my project! I have made more contacts, I have written more songs, and the writing of my play is going just as smooth as ever.

I have reached out to many more people since we last spoke, both locally, nationally, and globally. I have reached out to some local actors, including Katie Becker-Colon, and Amelia Ampuero who are both a part of a local theatre company known as Duke City Repertory Theatre. They are both so talented and they are amazing human beings. I reached out to them both to talk to them about my project, not expecting much because they are incredibly busy with their theatrical season. However, the response I got from the two of them was more than I could have ever imagined. In fact, not only did they agree to sit down for an interview at some point later in the year, but they were also my first unofficially “sold” tickets to my show! They were all over the idea of bringing their entire theatre troupe (or at least the ones who could make it on the performance days) out to see it an support me. That really meant a lot to me that they would even consider coming to see my show, because they had a business of their own.

I have also made my first global contact!!!

I reached out to this group over in London, England in the beginning of my first year in the program called Autism With Attitude. They are a dance group based solely upon the philosophy that Autism is a gift and not a disability, a fact that I have found, through my research to be true. Our contact kind of fell through with both of us becoming busy and forgetting about the other. But now I have renewed that contact and we are set to meet at some point soon! The man I made the contact with is the director of the program, and his name is Jonathan Baron. He is an amazing person, and I truly admire what he does for people on the spectrum and also the arts in general. Keeping the arts alive is essential to the continuation of humanity. I know I sound overdramatic when I say this, but it is true. People have become so focused on STEM that they have forgotten abut the other integral parts of a complete education. In particular they have forgotten that for people on the spectrum, thinking that they should be schooled in very specific ways that exclude the arts. Mr. Baron’s project, along with my own are prime examples of what a complete education looks like. I thank Ms. Kierst and Ms. McMillan for creating this project and giving me what all kids and teens and young adults deserve: a complete education.

The writing is going great, so stay tuned for more updates about my finishing of the first act of my play, and getting my song count up to 14!!!

Colin Miller