A cool contact

Hello everyone. It's Colin again blogging this time about many contacts that I have reached out to for my project and who I plan to meet with in the very near future. One of the major contacts that I have made is named Mickey Rowe. Mickey is an Autistic actor who plays the lead role of an Autistic person in the play, "Curious Incident of A Dog in the Nighttime." I am ecstatic that I made this contact, and I am even more excited to meet him. He seems like a very interesting man, and a very inspiring story, not only to people with Autism who want to make it in this business, but other people who believed that they are not going to make it in the theatre business, but then out of nowhere, they get a call from a theatre company on Broadway, and all of their dreams come true. 

Mickey, in addition to having Autism is also legally blind. I learned that frequently hearing and eyesight issues are linked to Autism. I would like to research this link further as I continue my research and delve deeper and deeper into this realm of the unknown: Autism

His disability of blindness prohibits him from doing well in cold reads. Cold reads are where an actor gets a script that he/she has never seen before, and they have to come up with string character choices for the side that they are reading and the character they will portray. 

I look forward so much to meeting with him when I get the chance, I have reached out to him several times by email, and he has given me a few times that he would like to meet either face to face, or via voice call. FaceTime is out because he has the disability of blindness. 

That's all for now, but I will be posting again about another contact that I have made which I will be meeting in New York when I go to sing at Carnegie Hall for the second time.


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Colin Miller