Another cool contact

Hello everyone. It's Colin. Today I will be talking about another cool contact I made through the mentor of this entire project, and one of the coco founders of it: Debi Kierst. She got me in contact with an actor in New York who I will see when I go to sing at Carnegie Hall for the second time. My family and I are going a day early to New York so I can actually explore New York, and see the city, unlike the last time due to rehearsals, but I also plan to meet with this director during this time. Her name: Jennifer Smith. I do not know much about her, since I have not met with her yet, and she has not told me much about herself, but I do know this: I am totally psyched to meet with her. I know that this is my reaction with any contact I make, but I truly am excited. I am not only making great connections in this project and furthering my experience as a playwright, and learning from the masters, but I am also furthering my connections in the field which I want to go into for my career. This is what the project is about, and I really love that aspect of it. 

I have been emailing with her back and forth and I have not yet had time to come up with a lot of questions, but this is one of the best experiences I think I will have throughout this project, even though I cannot predict the future, and I don't know how this meeting with Ms. Smith is going to go, but I do know that this meeting is different than any other meeting than I have had throughout the project. I have been meeting with people who are actors and directors regionally, but I have not yet ventured out of the state. This interview, as well as the interview with Mickey Rowe that I will be having sooner than the one with Ms. Smith, are in one of the biggest places that acting is truly appreciated, and it is scary but also exciting. I am making myself known in the theatre community through this project and I am making my mark on the stage. 

I will make an extension of this blog when I have met with her and have notes from the interview and I have felt the experience of doing an interview with a very big Broadway actor. I will do the same for my interview with Mickey Rowe.

But that's all for now. Be sure to keep following my blog for more updates and cool stuff happening.


Colin Miller