Autism: is it violent?

Hello everyone. It's Colin. So today I will be talking about something a little bit more serious that has a little bit less to do with the theatrical aspects of my project and more to do with the Autistic side. I heard on the news some information about the shooter in Florida that I would like share because I think it is important to say, purely because of the fact that it is untrue to make an undertone such as this one. The media did not directly say that the shooter was violent because he is Autistic, however, when they displayed a graphic of a document that was partially blurred, the part that was not blurred said that the man was mentally unstable and Autistic. The mere fact that they paired the fact that the shooter was mentally disabled and that he was autistic gained my attention. It made me think about the question I am posing today: why is it that Autism is advertised in the media as being the cause of violence? The only reason people with Autism act out like that would be if they were trying to communicate something that they could not otherwise. I learned that very early on in this process: behavior is communication. The shooter in Florida was not just Autistic. He had mental problems as well, and, further, was expelled from the school. To generalize Autism as part of  the cause of this violence and other violence, is downright outrageous. After researching an awful lot about Autism and learning from people who work with people who have Autism what their mannerisms are, when they get overwhelmed, etc., I have come to the definite conclusion that Autism does not cause violence, and to say that it does so, is wrong. 

That's all for now, but stay tuned for my newest development: a new song!

Colin Miller