Another song

Hello everyone. Its Colin. Today I am going to be talking about another fabulous meeting that I had with my mentor Mr. Darryl Bryant, where we started writing a new song. Yay! So exciting! The new song is called in my special place. The reason why I named the song this way is because when people with Autism get overwhelmed with stimuli, they kind of go into their own world. Its really hard to explain if you are Autistic because you almost do not have control of your body. It is even harder to explain if you are not diagnosed with Autism because you have not experienced it. However I plan to talk to several people with Autism who have a pretty good understanding of Autism and get a better understanding of what this special place really is. This may change the lyrics of my song, but that is ok because writing a song is a process. The creative process is complicated. There are bumps along the way, but you always get to your destination. If  have learned anything from this program, is that if you want to go into theatre, you have to be patient, especially if you want to be a writer. 


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Colin Miller