Meeting with Producer

Hello everyone. It's Colin. Today I will be talking about another amazing experience I had in New York. I met with a producer from the program who selected me to be at Carnegie Hall, and it was awesome. His name was Eric Vitale. He and I talked for about a half hour before we departed, and we talked about a lot of stuff about producing. For instance, what does being a producer entail? What does a Producer do? How does a producer finance a production, etc. These were some of the best things I have learned throughout the project, because this is how I am really going to benefit the community: through the producing end of my project. I am going to give all of my proceeds that I make from this show to the NM Autism Society to further their incredible work that they do with those on the Spectrum. When I told him about this, he said tat it was a fantastic idea, and that I should use a low budget for the set. I said, "Well I wouldn't be using a huge budget because I don't have that big of a bank account." We both laughed at that for a while and then continued our conversation. "How does a producer manage everything without going crazy?" I asked. Eric replied, "A lot of help. Surround yourself with the biggest support group that you can. People who will support you and what you are doing are the people you want to help you with your production. Not people who are going to laugh and scoff at it because they do not understand the beauty of theatre." That really stuck with me throughout the rest of the interview, and the rest of the day. Even when I was watching "My Shot" 4 rows from the Richard Rodgers stage watching Hamilton, the thought of what Eric said was on repeat in my head. 

I think I have started a very good base on my project and I am ready to start writing my dialogue. 


Stay tuned for more updates on that!!!


Bye for now :)

Colin Miller