New York....Im kinda dead

Hello everyone. It's Colin. Today I am gonna talk about one of the many amazing, and exhausting experiences I had in New York this weekend. This experience was a meeting with a person who is on Broadway. Her name is Jennifer Smith. She is part of an amazing ensemble that makes an incredible production known as Anastasia. I met with her on Friday, and it was a magnificent experience. I talked wth her for about a half an hour about the acting side of my project. Some topics we talked about were what it means to act, how to truly embody a role, and how to stay healthy while doing a show. It was a very wide variety of topics, but all of them were very beneficial to my project, and I think they will help me a lot with developing my character as I get nearer to starting to write the dialogue for my show. We also talked about the audition process on Broadway (because I wanted to know. It doesn't have anything to do with my project. I just wanted to know for some career advice). This audition process is so much different from any addition process that I have ever been a part of before. It could take a long time, for instance 8 months, or it could be very short, for instance a couple of weeks. I just found that interesting and I felt like putting it in my blog. 


Stay tuned for more news of NY including a prospective voice lesson with a professor from NYU, and HAMILTON!!!


Bye for now :)

Colin Miller