Hey everybody!!! Its Colin again. I am going to be talking to fay about my reaching out to Neil Patrick Harris who believe it or not was actually born and raised in New Mexico! I have reached out to Mr. Harris before, but he did not respond, and he has not responded as of yet. However, I have people on speed dial if that does not work out, because, as you probably have guessed, his schedule is going to very busy. I am thinking about reaching out to the director of Popejoy Hall here in New Mexico, Terry Davis, who I have been in contact with from the NMHSMTA (New Mexico High School Musical Theatre Awards) which I participated in 2 years ago as Aldolfo from the Drowsy Chaperone. I am also thinking about reaching out to a local theatre director Laurie Finnegan, who I met when I did Landmark’s production of My Fair Lady, when I was a street performer, and she was the director. She is amazing, and I am looking to get a chance to perform with her directing again as I am going to audition for A Christmas Carol at Landmark in the winter.

I am going to wait anxiously for a response from Mr. Harris, but if that does not work, I will let you know where I turn next!!!

Thats all for now!

Colin Miller