Meeting with potential graphic designer

Hey everyone. It’s Colin again.

Today I will be talking about a meeting I had yesterday with a contact who was going to arrange a meeting for me with a graphic designer who happened to be out of town. In it we discussed designs and promotional material for my playbill, and my poster for a publicity campaign for my project. We discussed many possible designs, but we settled on one that I think represents. my multifaceted project in an incredibly inventive and original way.

The design is simply a book with a missing piece. Well, actually its a little bit more complicated than that. The pages that the book is open to in the design will be made up of puzzle pieces, and one of this puzzle pieces will be off to the right of the book rather than completing the puzzle, thus creating the metaphor for the performing arts filling in the missing space in the lives of people on the spectrum.

I am incredibly excited to work with this person when he gets back into town, if he can find the time to do it of course, which is still up in the air. If this plan does not work out, I have many alternate routes I can use and many different people with the talents I require who I can contact.

If this is the case, you all will be hearing from me very very soon. But until then, that’s all for now!

Colin Miller