They are on Fire!!

I write this post from a very special perspective. It's mid-term, and a time when some students are finding themselves bogged down and overwhelmed.  Every day I have the pleasure (and honor) of working with some of the most incredible kids on the planet!  The work that these Odyssey kids are doing is so inspiring!  In addition to taking very difficult classes (English, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, US History, French or Spanish) and excelling at those,  these guys are making extraordinary progress in their chosen research areas--interning for an international organization, setting up a personal blog site, creating and marketing a "drop-ship" business, writing music for a new theatre piece, teaching and working with autistic children.  I am constantly amazed at their motivation, their perseverance, and their intellectual curiosity.  And, I am in awe of their willingness to take risks.  They are truly going to change the world!

These guys are also extremely inspiring to other students.  They have grown to have such confidence in themselves and their projects.   They have done several brief presentations since being selected--both for adults and students--and they become more comfortable and at ease each time.  A couple of weeks ago they went in to visit with sophomore advisories about the Odyssey Scholars program.  Since that time, I have had many students come in to find out more about the program and express their interest in applying.  They say, "It sounds hard but like a lot of fun!" I'm not sure that there is a more satisfying comment!  

Coming up in December these extraordinary kids are going to be presenting our program to a group of 9th and 10th grade students and their parents who have shown some interest in becoming Odyssey Scholars.  Stay Tuned!



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