"It's so totally worth it!"

It's December and the Friday before final exams begin.  The general mood around campus is one of anxiety and anticipation.  Projects, papers, final performances and presentations dominate the conversation as kids get down to the business of finishing the fall semester.  The Odyssey Scholars are certainly no exception to this blur of activity!

Last night we made our formal presentation to the families of 9th and 10th graders who might be interested in applying for the program next year.  Though small in number, our audience (which also included the families of our current scholars) was enthusiastic and excited about the projects and about possibilities available to them.  As opposed to last year, when I had to do this presentation alone, the focus this year was on these current scholars and the work that they've been doing.  Through  their 5-8 minute presentations, the audience was able to catch just a bit of the passion that drives these kids to spend so much of their time and energy doing their research. From Colin's excitement over having written the first couple of songs that will be a part of his show, to Abby's internship with the International Association in Albuquerque, to Emma's blogsite launch on November 1, to Jake's success at drop shipping and move into a new, more solid form of e-commerce next semester, each and every one of these kids never cease to amaze me.

In addition to last night's formal presentation, the kids have done two other presentations lately regarding their work.  One was an informal discussion with Mr. Sinfield, Dr. McMillan and Ms. Morse.  The other was at a gathering of potential donors to Sandia Prep at the home of one of our trustees.  In both cases, these kids have been beyond impressive.  They are confident, proud and so very excited to share their experiences with anyone who will listen.   In January they have been asked to share again with one of the parent breakfast discussions with Mr. Sinfield.  

As we were leaving the building last night, Abby and I were talking about how busy the semester has been and how tired we both were.  I asked her if Odyssey had added too much to her load this year.  "No," she said.  "It's hard, and it takes a lot of time, but it's so totally worth it!"  Stay tuned...great things are coming with these exceptional kids!

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