Summer Capstone Consortium June 19

I am attending a conference in Ojai California at the Thacher School that focuses on the development of Capstone projects.  There are 25 people here from about 15 different schools from across the nation. I've met folks from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, California and Oregon.  They work in schools that include kindergarten through 12th grade.  It's a very interesting and eclectic group.

We began the conference this evening with a discussion about "why" Capstone projects. What is the drive behind project based learning? What we came away with is that there are several commonalities that we share...the desire to reach every student, to discover that student's passion, to turn that interest into a reality. The ways that we all do that are as varied as the number of schools that we represent. But, succinctly, we represent a growing number of people in education who believe that the best student learning comes from allowing students the opportunity to discover a path, develop a plan, delve deeply into it, and through all of that, make discoveries to guide their futures  in real world situations.   

Debi KierstComment