A New Year

As the new school year begins, I am reminded of why I entered this profession...the excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration that comes with new beginnings! A chance to start again.  A touch of the old and familiar filtered through a new lens.  Our summer experiences often color how we begin to see the upcoming school year. And, in the case of our Odyssey Scholars, not only did it color their views of the upcoming year, but in some cases, it reshaped their projects.  For example, a summer program at Columbia in journalism allowed Abby to re-connect with her passion for writing.  She now not only wants to help those who may live on the fringe of mainstream society, but she wants to profile them by telling their stories. 

All of the kids in the program have come back renewed and refreshed and ready to continue on their journeys...read on and you can join them along the way!

Debi Kierst