Growing and Developing

As I begin this blog, the Capstone Committee is in the process of accepting the new class of Odyssey Scholars for 2020.  We are beyond excited by the projects proposed and I hope to be able to announce new scholars by the beginning of April.

On another note, our Class of 2019 scholars continue to push boundaries and break new ground.  Jake and I had an extraordinarily inspiring conversation about an E-Commerce Conference that he attended last week.  He will be blogging about it in depth, but suffice it to say that he talked non-stop for over half an hour about all that he took away and how much he learned.  And not all of it was content specific.  A couple of organizational tools that he learned to use to focus and prioritize his work could be used broadly in any discipline.

Colin has been doing a good deal of performance lately (the lead in Cinderella here at school, as well as many Young Voices performances), however, he has managed to write and record yet another song for his show, and do some further research into autism.

Emma is navigating the waters of clothing production research, as her forward progress on her project includes work on her sustainable clothing line.  She has been talking to and working with a company  exploring fabrics and pattern design options.  She also just spend an extended period of time talking to me about advertising, monetization and management issues with YouTube.

And, finally, Abby has been accepted to a New York Times summer program about which she is over the moon.  The program will provide her the journalistic experience and training in the very "hands-on" way that she has been looking for.  Just yesterday, she and I were discussing that program.

Debi Kierst