And the New Scholars Are...


After we returned from Spring Break the Odyssey Committee decided on three new scholars for school year 2019-20.  These students are :

Alexandra Baldwin who will be studying Psychology and Film.  She is very passionate about all things "film" and what has captured her attention most recently is how film makers use color, light, texture etc. to affect psychological responses from their audiences.  Ally isn't sure if she wants to study film or psychology in college, and this study along with the final project of writing and creating a film will help her decide.

Because of her history of ortho-therapy and corrective exercise science, Isabella Bizzell has a strong interest in doing in-depth study of this field for her project.  Since she already has a basic knowledge of the field, she is thinking of it as a potential career.

Evan Custer says, "As long as I can remember I have always wondered how things worked." Evan will be our first scholar who would like to focus on engineering, design and fabrication.  His intention is to design and build an off-road trailer.

Excitement abounds and we will introduce these new scholars on April 24th during morning assembly.  And we will follow that up with a reception for all of the scholars and their parents.

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