A "Celebracion"

How is it possible that 16 year old kids are so self-possessed and confident?  Noche de Celebracion was held this past Saturday evening at Hotel Albuquerque.  Noche is one of the school's major fundraising efforts. It occurs every two years, and is attended by over 400 people.   It is a semi-formal event complete with presentations, dinner and dancing.  This year the event was focusing on Innovation--what programs are setting Sandia Prep apart from other schools. The Odyssey Scholars were invited to present their work to this community of folks.

 As I watched each of the Odyssey Scholars approach the podium and speak to a ballroom full of people, I wondered how, at that age, I would have handled the task. Would nerves have gotten the best of me?  Would I have been able to maintain focus and eye-contact and so eloquently and enthusiastically describe my research?  i honestly don't think so.  These kids are SO impressive.  They were given two minutes each to tell the crowd what their year as a scholar has been like.  From hard research and reading to writing to classes and conferences, the Odyssey Scholars have shown that they "know their stuff" and they are as passionate as ever about what they are doing.  


Dress Rehearsal

We were missing Colin...but he was in NYC performing at Carnegie Hall ! 

Debi Kierst