And Here we go…

A new school year begins and we've returned with all of the excitement and enthusiasm that brings with it.  The Odyssey 2 kids, our Seniors, have come back with extraordinary stories of their summer adventures, full of renewed dedication to their projects.  Colin had an amazing adventure at the Bel Canto opera program in Florence, Italy working on his voice--and enjoying some great Italian food!   Abby enjoyed another exciting New York experience training and working at the New York Times.  Jake spent some down time at home to develop a new business plan for his work this year, and Emma travelled back to her beloved Cape Cod to spend extended time with friends.  The kids have set themselves some admirable goals for this quarter, setting some very specific deadlines to meet prior to making college applications.

Odyssey 1 students — Evan, Bella and Ally—have jumped in the water creating lists of possible resources and setting up internships. Over the summer Evan took a couple of community college courses that will help him with his project (welding), and he is currently reading and working with some engineering texts to enrich that knowledge. He has also been pricing and selecting amenities that he will use for his trailer. Bella has begun an internship with her own Ortho-therapist, as well as working with the athletic trainer here on campus. Ally has begun reading a variety of sources on film making and the use of color.

Both classes of Scholars will present their work thus far to the faculty in a faculty meeting in October.

Debi Kierst