The Rise Of Gucci

Gucci is an Italian luxury brand carrying high-end fashion and leather goods. Today, Gucci has become one of the most profitable franchises in the fashion industry and is valued at over 12.7 billion dollars. Established in Florence, Italy in the year 1921, Gucci has since risen to become one of the largest fashion houses in the industry.

For many years, the brand suffered economically, this was primarily due to weaker demand in Asia. However, in 2015 the brand rebounded, with revenue up by 11%. What turned this brand’s downward trajectory around? Many attribute Gucci’s rise in popularity to designer Alessandro Michele, who took over, as creative director, in 2015.

If you haven't noticed Gucci’s rise in popularity, then you might not have an Instagram account. Many popular social media influencers have flocked to the brand for a stylish athleisure wear. Self-proclaimed “hypebeasts” gain automatic street cred for a hefty price tag and a Gucci logo. The brand is even prevalently referenced in many popular songs, including Lil Pump’s latest chart-topper, “Gucci Gang.”

Gucci has become extremely popular with millennials, and this may be because of it’s latest “shadow committee.” A committee of people under 30 lend their advice to Gucci Chief Executive, Marco Bizzari.

Gucci has risen as the hottest fashion house and continues to set the standard for innovative, original, and avant-garde fashion.

This past September, Gucci debuted its latest collection at Milan Fashion Week. The collection was an ode to the psychedelic 70’s and the brilliantly bold 80’s. It stunned the crowd with the notable glitter and glamour of decades past.

Emma Mannal