The Next Generation Of Models

This week, Forbes Magazine broke the news, Kendall Jenner is officially the highest paid model of 2017, earning a whopping $22 million. For the first time in 15 years, A new model reigns supreme. Giselle Bundchen who formally held the title has taken a backseat this year and has accepted fewer modeling campaigns. Many attribute Jenner's success to her huge social media following. On platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Jenner has accumulated 110.5 million followers and her platform is continually growing. In recent years, the idea of the traditional 'supermodel' has nearly vanished, and young girls have begun to establish a career through social media. Jenner has built a social media empire and continues to become a household name.


Many other social media celebrities have topped the list as well, including sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid. Gigi stepped onto the scene in 2014, followed by her younger sister, Bella. The two have since dominated the fashion industry, opening and closing major shows during fashion week, garnering millions of Instagram followers, and acquiring huge brand deals with Adidas, Dior, and Nike.


Lately, a new wave of models has risen through the ranks garnering millions of loyal followers. Through social media, many models have been given the opportunity to create a personal brand, express themselves more freely, and establish themselves in the fashion industry on their own terms. 

Emma Mannal