A Blogger Revolution

A couple nights ago, while scrolling through YouTube, I stumbled across a Ted Talk that took me by surprise and strongly resonated with me. The title, "I Started A Blogger Revolution," peaked my interest and I decided to click. Much to my intrigue, the message of the Ted Talk was completely unexpected, especially coming from a well known fashion blogger.

Madeline Alizadeh has been a prevalent name on the internet for many years now, and her beginning was similar to many other social media influencers. She began as a mainstream fashion blogger, she promoted any brand that sent her a PR package or a check. Everyday, she was sent 10 or more packages, filled with the latest styles and beauty products. However, at the end of the day, these extravagant gifts didn't make her happy, so she began to look for fulfillment elsewhere.

She began to research these companies more carefully when agreeing to a brand deal, and discovered the harsh reality of the fashion industry.

She was shocked to discover that these products being sent her way were produced by the manual labor of women and children in poverty stricken countries. She learned that the women and children who created the garments she wore every day suffered immensly in horrible working conditions, and with minimal payment. From then on, she made her mission to not be a consumer of these awful practices and journeyed to third world countries helping those in need. 

Her story is inspiring and I think that as humans we should all make an effort to become more conscious of these practices and try to make the best choice when purchasing the latest fashion fad. When beginning my personal blog, I will keep this important insight in mind, strive to do the same.

Emma Mannal