Sold Out

Last month, thousands of savy shoe collectors anxiously anticipated the worldwide release of Nike's collaboration with luxury streetwear label, Off White. Within minutes, the collection was completely sold out. What makes this collaboration so hot? It's street cred. From rappers to models, trendsetters across the globe hope to snag a pair of fresh new kicks.

Off White is an Italian fashion label founded by Virgil Abloh, a DJ turned designer. Virgil is well recognized in the fashion industry for his cut-edge designs and ahead of the curb collections. Off White has previously created wildly successful collaborations with Air Jordan, Champion, and even fast food chain, McDonald's. The Nike X Off White collaboration now can resell for upwards of 1,400 dollars. A hefty price to pay for a pair of sneakers. 

Off White's popularity can be contributed, in part, to it's "drop culture." However, it is not the only brand utilizing this business model; other streetwear heavyweights have previously used "drop culture" to clear shelves.

I am looking forward to Off White's next drop, as I am sure it is nothing short of unique.

Emma Mannal