Stoves, what cooks your food

Over the past week I have been looking at a bunch of stoves. Stoves are most definitely an integral part of your gear. They seem to be like most of your gear that the stove you choose is almost always chosen out of personal preference, and how well it performs and a few other factors. Some of the things that I think about when I am looking at a stove: how will it work with my other gear, can I repair it of something breaks, what kind of fuel does it use, what things can I cook with it, and how heavy is it? In the context of over-landing and car camping a stove does need to perform well and be able to cook well; a lot of stoves do that, but some don’t. I personally really like having good control over temperature. Some stoves just don’t have that. I also like the ability to repair my stove if for some reason it breaks. Another thing that I would think about when choosing a stove is how much does it weigh and how much space does it take up, with that you should also think about how much space how weavy the fuel is. For car camping most people use a propane stove, and the nice thing about propane stoves is that you can get a smaller tank to save some weight and space.You also do not really need to think to hard about weight when  But what a lot of choosing a stove comes down to is what are you going to use it for and what you are doing, it’s also a lot of personal preference.

Evan Custer