Overland Expo East Prep

Two weeks from now I will be in Asheville, North Carolina. There I will be attending Overland Expo East. But before I can go I need to do some prep work. This week will consist of packing, laying out gear, double and, triple checking the piles of gear. My dad and I are having to think of packing for a climate that we are not used to camping in at this time of year, also known as rain and high humidity. Wait what's this thing called RAIN? In any case we are having to prepare for basically all types of weather from rain, snow or, just being nice and sunny. This also translates to our gear and what we sleep in. On one of our last trips in April, we were cold in our sleeping bags with layers on. It may have been the 15° and windy in El Mal Pais. But after that we looked at making our sleeping bags a little bit warmer. We found a sleeping bag liner to make our bags a bit warmer. Since I will be filming at Expo East we looked at different power options to recharge batteries. We eventually settled on a large capacity external power pack. We will use it to charge our GoPro and other batteries on the go so we can keep on filming. I am doing all of this to go out into the world and network and talk to people. Also to see what’s on the market. So we will see what happens two weeks from now and what I come back with.

Evan Custer