The Beginning

For as long as I can remember, I have helped my dad doing little repairs around the house. I would ask my dad how different things work and function. That wonderment turned into thinking up all kind of crazy inventions. To add some sense of the real world into my play, I would build structures that I did not have, I would use lego blocks to build these structures. One could say that my use of lego blocks was my inventors sketchbook. To build an element of reality for my playmobil toys. But the lego blocks would allow me to work through some ambiguous design that I had in my head so I could change the design to make it better.This was the beginning of what I am doing today. Today I am in the Odyssey Scholars Program at Sandia Prep where I am working on my own project. It is exciting to be able to delve deeply into my area of interest.


My project echoes my past of thinking up fun crazy ideas. I am designing and building an off road trailer for use in overlanding, camping, search and rescue, among others. The trailer I am designing and building will be multiple purpose, and include: a fridge for all of the food and drinks you want to bring on a trip, a charging station for all of cameras and electronic we have, a stove, roof top tent, and lots of cargo space. I am looking forward to the challenge of building my trailer. The reward for me is engineering a vehicle that will afford easier access to the outdoors. My trailer will make it more convenient for anyone to take off to the middle of nowhere and watch an amazing sunset with a hot dinner and a cold drink That is my dream, and I know that my project will be a lot of hard work, but I’m ready for the challenge.

Evan Custer