Overland Expo East Review

Now driving back from Overland Expo East I can reflect on what I saw and what I will need to in the future. At Overland Expo East I saw many different trailer designs from the really thought out and well done, to the not so well thought out and need some work. But with that I can use both of those sides of the coin. The trailers that were thought through and done well, had an axle-less independent suspension to soak up the bumps on the rough road. They also had water storage, most of them with a water heater as well. They also used a three axis hitch instead of a ball hitch. When you opened a door of the trailer they were sealed nicely with a good gasket, and had a well thought out interior design. What I mean by that is that they things inside had a place for them and where made well. Now with the trailers that were not built so well, usually they had a solid axle with a leaf sprung suspension, or no suspension at all. Which makes them bouncy and beats up your gear a lot more on rough roads. They also did not have water storage. But I think the most important thing that was not done well was the interior of the trailer. Some of the manufacturer had a box on wheels that was just for gear, and you couldn’t do anything with that. The ones that had an interior that had some use, where not well made and had heavy parts and it just did not work well. So from what I got from expo is: what to do and what not to do, and an idea of how to do what I want to do correctly. But doing it correctly takes some time and doing and that is what I saw and I will incorporate some of those different ideas into my trailer.     

Evan CusterComment