First Steps

We always dream about trips and what we would do on them. There is the less glamorous side of the trip before it starts, the trip planning. The planning stages starts months or weeks before the trip even starts. One of the ways that you should start a trip should be with a destination and a goal in mind. Don’t just think about them, write them down somewhere that will motivate you to keep moving through the least glamorous part of the trip. My trip goal is to drive from my home to Tuktoyaktuk NWT and Prudhoe Bay Alaska over the summer between my senior year and freshman year in college. While on the trip I want to hike, explore, and see parts of the country that I have never seen. While accomplishing my goal I need someone to accompany me on my journey. Choosing people to accompany you on any expedition is a complicated thing to do. One must choose someone who is able to…… well put up with me. As the summer draws closer it is now the time to start planning the route and places I want to visit. Everytime I think of spending weeks on the road I just want to hop in my truck and go.    

Evan Custer