Interning - Compartment Syndrome Case

Another case that came into Elite OSM was a college soccer player came in with compartment syndrome in her left calf. An easy way to think of compartment syndrome is when your muscles are so inflamed that there is a high risk of your leg “exploding”. Obviously, nobody wants their leg to explode, so you get treatment. The treatment plan is surgery because the doctors need to be able to reduce the pressure. Anyway, the interesting thing about her case was that surgery didn’t help her, and her pain had been there for at least a couple of weeks. With compartment syndrome, it happens within hours of a broken bone or a serious injury. So, already the symptoms that the patient was having, isn’t adding up to what they diagnosed her with, but they thought that was the best treatment plan, so they went ahead and did the surgery. After having surgery for compartment syndrome, you feel immediate pain relief, but the patient did not. She was still having the same pain from before, even after the surgery. After months of frustration and pain, she came into Elite OSM. After rolling out and being cupped, she already noticed a difference in her calf. After seeing the doctor at Elite OSM, she felt tremendously better and noticed a difference right away. This is one of the most interesting cases I have seen so far because of how much she had been through with trying to figure out what was causing the pain, the surgery, and the struggle of it not helping. I am glad that Elite OSM was able to help her and that she was able to find pain relief after a long time of pain and frustration. This particular case is just more evidence of how Ortho Therapy really does make a difference in people’s lives.

Bella Bizzell