How Many Times a Day I Roll Out

In Ortho Therapy, one of the key things to a quicker recovery and overall feeling better is rolling out. Basically rolling out mimics what massage therapy does. You can roll out on a PVC pipe which puts more pressure on the muscles because it’s harder, or you can roll out on a foam roller which is much softer. Usually, you start with a foam roller and work up to a PVC pipe. When I first started interning, I watched everything and took note of important things. Recently, I was able to start warming people up by putting heat on them and showing them how to roll out. I roll out so many times a day now that I notice an even bigger difference in how my body feels which is a double win because I am interning and learning as well as rolling out and helping my body. Interning is my favorite part of my Odyssey program because for me, hands-on learning is a great way for me to learn and I also get to have fun with it.

Bella Bizzell