All About Me

I have been a competitive cheerleader for the past 10 years. Cheerleading has always been my passion, and I never imagined my life without it. The first time that I landed wrong on my wrist while doing a backflip, I broke my right wrist. Of course, the doctors put me in a cast and said rest until it heals, they also recommended to stop cheering, but we all knew that would never happen. I recovered from that injury and returned back to cheer. Not too long after that injury, I had another. I broke my wrist in the same exact spot as last time, on the same wrist. The doctor’s said it was almost impossible to do that, but I did. Of course, it was the same routine which was cast it, rest until it heals and maybe you should stop cheering, but again, it wasn’t going to happen. A few years went by, no injuries, lots of championships, and one happy girl. Until I wasn’t so happy anymore. At age eleven, I was dropped from a stunt while my leg was by my ear. I ended up breaking my hip which is crazy to think an eleven year old could do that. I was devastated when I heard the news, and at first my mom and I thought they were talking to the wrong kid, but unfortunately, they weren’t. This time, my injury was much more serious than just a broken wrist, but after a year and a half of rest and many months of rehab, I was back at tryouts for cheerleading. Although there were many challenges throughout my injury, a broken hip couldn’t stop me.

When I was fully back to cheering, I started having some problems with my hip, and we weren’t really sure what was causing it. Another cheerleader’s mom recommended a place called Elite OSM, which at first, I was skeptical and scared to go to another doctor but it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Elite OSM specializes in ortho therapy, which is a mixture of massage therapy, physical therapy and many other therapies, all mixed into one. Right away they figured out that it was my shoulder causing my hip to be hurting, which sounds crazy and also intriguing at the same time, which is exactly why learning about the body and the way it works is so cool. After my first appointment, I felt so much better, and I knew from that moment that this was something that I was going to be passionate about. Of course, my hip wasn’t my last injury, and having broken three bones already by the age of eleven, I was known as the fragile kid, the kid that everybody had to be careful with just so they didn’t break another bone of mine. Elite helped me recover quicker and more efficiently than any other doctor had. The reason why ortho therapy spiked my interest is because Elite OSM made me feel invincible in a way. If I could break as many bones as I had, and still be cheering, then I really could do anything. I want to help athletes recover from their injuries and get back to the sports that they are passionate about, and help an employee who sits at a computer all day hunched over and now their back hurts. Elite OSM really changed my life and I want to do the same for others.

Debi Kierst