"Heal" documentary

I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix called “Heal”. The documentary talks about the mind-mood connection, which is very interesting. It brought up the idea that tonic and toxic thoughts create tonic and toxic chemicals, which brought up the question: How deeply can we influence our bodies when it comes to healing? In the documentary, they said that it has been proven that every single organ in the body can heal itself in the right environment… so what exactly is the right environment? Things like our environment like the food we eat, water and air we breathe, and chemicals like the supplements we take and herbal products. That’s why I am trying to figure out how much of a difference things like chemicals and the environment we live in affect diseases, but specifically endometriosis. The documentary talks a lot about how most auto- immune diseases, and some others are derived from stress. Our bodies are always in “fight or flight” so when we have an inconvenience, drama or trauma in our lives, we associate these experiences as life threatening. Being in “fight or flight” mode mobilizes resources from your gut, elimination system and immune system, which is not good. This then causes imbalances which leads to memory loss, not great concentration, bad digestion and you can't eliminate toxins properly, which is not good for you body at all. But, what plays a big part in not only healing but feeling well, YOUR BRAIN! Beliefs can shift biology. I’m sure you’ve heard of the placebo effect, which is a positive thing. But with every positive thing, there is a negative as well. The Nocebo effect is that any negative thinking/belief can cause any illness, which just proves how powerful your brain really is. This documentary was really interesting to watch and has helped me learn about the psychological aspect of how the mind-mood connection affects illnesses.

Bella Bizzell