Mind over Mood

I have been reading a book Mind Over Mood by Dennis Greenberger and Christine A. Padesky. The book is very interesting because it explains how environmental changes lead to behavior changes which leads to thinking differently which leads to emotionally feeling worse which then leads to physically feeling bad. These 5 areas which are: Environmental changes, thoughts, moods, behaviors, and physical reactions, are all interconnected. The book uses examples of people who have depression or anxiety and how changing the way you see things helps a little bit with having depression or anxiety.

One example in the book was an older man who let his thoughts influence his behavior. His thought was: All my friends are dying soon, which led to his behavior change: to stop calling his friends. Because the older man stopped calling his friends, he became more isolated and that affected his mood, which then contributed to his sleeping problems (physical reactions) and that led to his environmental changes. This led to his downward spiral of depression. But, any small improvements in any area, (mood, behavior, environmental changes, physical reactions or thoughts), can contribute to positive change in other areas as well.

I can relate this back to my project, not only because it explains an aspect of psychology, but it has been researched that most women have endometriosis also suffer from psychological diseases (like anxiety and depression).

My biggest takeaway from reading this book so far is how powerful the brain is and how one mood or emotion can have a chain reaction. Like I have said before, and I will continue to say it: being positive isn’t going to take the endometriosis away, but it can have a huge effect on you, and it can be a great coping mechanism. I have not finished reading the book, but so far, it has helped me learn about the 5 things that are interconnected and it has helped me relate it back to endometriosis. This book is also giving me more and more ideas for questions for my survey.

Bella Bizzell