The Mircrobiome Solution

I just got a book by Robynne Chutkan called The Microbiome Solution. I am only three chapters in and I have learned so much about the gut and how “eating dirty” can actually lead to a healthier and longer lasting life. Dr. Chutkan explains in the book how the overuse of antibiotics, chlorination of the water supply, microbe depleting pesticides and processed foods that are full of chemicals and hormones that doctors recommend or prescribe for us, are actually not making a good impact on our bodies. It says that the average American child will receive more than a dozen courses of antibiotics before reaching college for MINOR illnesses that don’t always require treatment. When I read that I was shocked because that is in fact true for me. I always get reoccurring sinus infections which make me feel very run down, and just not great overall, and doctors prescribe antibiotics which takes away my sinus infections. But antibiotics are actually creating illnesses because they are decimating the microbiome in our gut, which then makes people more susceptible to infection and more importantly INFLAMMATION. Inflammation is the source of Endometriosis, interesting… A disordered microbiome consists of symptoms and diseases like: bloating, leaky gut, gluten intolerance, eczema, brain fog, fatigue and crohn’s disease. Now a bad/damaged microbiome isn’t the only reason why people develop these symptoms and diseases, but it is a huge factor.

After reading the book so far, I have learned a lot about how and what the gut is affected by, and when the gut is affected, what it affects.

Bella Bizzell