Fashion Benefit For Endometriosis

Odyssey has not only given me the opportunity to learn about Endometriosis, but also to raise awareness about it. In July, I will be hosting a fashion benefit that will be an Endometriosis awareness campaign and fundraiser. All proceeds will go to an Endometriosis research group. Endometriosis is so under-funded and under-researched so raising money for Endometriosis is an important task. I am super excited to be hosting this Fashion Benefit because I love watching and walking in fashion shows, so I thought, why not create a Fashion show raising awareness for Endometriosis. The thing I am most excited for is being able to highlight some women struggling with Endometriosis. I will be designing my own “line of clothing” to show what it’s like to have Endometriosis, and I have recruited 4 women who have Endometriosis to be a part of the show and walk with my designs. I am so excited about the show and can’t wait to raise awareness for a good cause.

Bella Bizzell