Consulting Call

Recently I’ve had the desire to learn more about advertising through facebook. The benefits of running facebook ads is that you can run them indefinitely if they work to an unending audience of people. Through facebook advertising the advertiser has the ability to place ads directly into the laps of the consumer. They are extremely complex, and before getting started, I contacted a man named Haydon Bowls. Haydon runs a very successful drop shipping store, and he focuses on running facebook ads. He has Facebook ad sets which he spends over 200$ a day on and profits on. I did an hour consulting call with him and received some valuable information.


One of the most important things in internet business is customer acquisition. Before the mentorship call I had transferred my business model into “Retail”, and running ads campaigns off of discount codes, which hold virtually no value to consumers if they are not already aware of the brand which is offering the discount. I’ve decided after the call to go back to Free + Shipping offers for the front end, customer acquisition portion of business.  


“I try to isolate variables in tests.” This is a good tip. Everything in E-Commerce comes down to testing. There are many things which can be tested: Ads sets, price points, influencers, products. He suggests in isolating those variables to determine what works and what does not work. After testing and figuring what works then you scale.

Drop-shipping stores can be considered cash flow assets, and be sold just like any other business.

At the time I was very upset due to the fact that I had lost my facebook pixel, luckily I was able to regain a lot of that data that I had lost through emails.

He preached using emotional, viral type videos for facebook ads that relate to product niche. “Once it starts going viral and catching momentum, it just runs.” He would also retarget viewers on the video. (He doesn't run any Instagram feed ads)

“Narrow by purchase behavior for engaged shoppers , always uncheck box for expand interest”

What is your margin for how much you make on every sale? Regular product-wise 2.5-3X or more.

“Master one thing at a time, for me right now I am mastering facebook.”

He shared with me a technique for starting new facebook ads campaigns.

He launched three 5$ per day campaigns on the same product then after three days and you determine which one does best then you keep that one and kill the the rest. After he lets the winning one run for two more days and if it's not at least break even he will kill it. Once having a successful one he tries to build off of it and scale. . (isolating variables to see what works best)


Jake Blanchfield