New Business/Plans

Upon creating my first E-commerce store I have learned lots in the last few months. Recently I have surpassed my thousandth sale, and I’m going to be transitioning my drop shipping store into what is called, “white labeling”. White Labeling is the act of creating a product and putting a brand name on it. White Labeling is more professional than dropshipping and more promising, but it does come with more risk and work.  Inventory will be held, but with inventory shipping times will go from 12-21 days to 3-7 days. With shorter shipping times, an original product, and a solid brand I will open my door to “real business” for the first time. White Labeling will separate me from all of my competitors, because what I will be selling is a unique product.  I want to challenge myself and take a risk for something which will be much more promising.

My main idea is to transition from high volume low-margin front end sales to higher-margin recurring sales. I will compile many of the items which I am selling as of now into a branded “pack” and sell the pack as a recurring offer which changes monthly, Every month my customers will get a new box of the products which they like. I am modeling my new business off of many businesses like, Dollar Shave Club, Loot Crate, Trunk Club, and many others who successfully perform successful recurring E-commerce.

Nothing about the business that I am about to do is easy. I will have to create a very complex website, design my own products, create packaging, and create a fulfillment network. After all of that, I will have to spend hundreds of hours searching for advertisers and running traffic to the store. Although, I am very excited to get started. I will begin my research and the construction of my new business starting thanksgiving break 2017, and I plan to get it up and running starting in newyears.


Jake Blanchfield