2018 Update

For the last month or so, I turned my focus to getting my backend of my business together. My primary focus has been getting familiar with email marketing. Many E-commerce stores, do not do any email marketing. The absence of email marketing is never good, in any business. The process of getting my email marketing campaigns together was slow and aggravating. Initially, I purchased an auto-responder service called Market Hero, which I thought was the best option. There were issues at every step while creating my email automation series. I spent hours talking to their support team through instant message, and after a few weeks, when I thought I was done dealing with tech issues. Another issue presented itself. After two to three weeks of dealing with Market Hero's problems, I searched for a different service. I found a good one. It's called Drip, it has better features, and it works! Last night after a month or so of my store on pause, I turned on my newly created facebook advertising sets and got my first sale of the new year. Now, following any purchase or abandoned the purchase, the customer is sent an email, and for the next 30 days, they receive emails automatically. Also, in the time of my business being on pause, I read a novel about selling. One of the main points which I got from the book is, "second money is always easier.". With the new information, I have gone back and set up after checkout upsells, which add lots of profit to my business. Already since the continuation of my store I've had 20% of customers take the upsell. Also, I've had customers purchase, then immediately receive an email, which offers a coupon code, and they come back and buy more five minutes later. Another thing which I picked up from the business book was, "Focus on your pipeline and filling your pipeline.", The author explains that it is essential to focus on the people already in the business. I agree with this concept, and it applies to online marketing. I created a plan for my business, which consists of the pipeline concept. Following any action made in my store, (visits, add to carts, checkouts, purchases) that person is put onto a facebook pixel, and I can go back later and market to them. I call these people my power base. They are the most crucial part of the business and the primary asset. 

Jake Blanchfield