Chapman Supplemental Essay

A month into my pro-LGBTQ business, Supreme Pride Store, I logged onto the company’s Instagram account and saw an individual named “freshbrewery” had tagged us. He wrote, “I've never really felt the need to engage in advertisement… to bolster my own sense of pride…. But it's 2017…. Resistance is in 'visibility.'”

I started this company under the guidance of Ezra Firestone’s wisdom to “serve
the world unselfishly and profit.” I believed that by creating a sustainable business, I could better contribute to the LGBTQ community and help remove the stigma surrounding it. I had done this by giving back 7 percent of the profits to LGBTQ charities, and yet seeing this personal note signified more progress than any other data point could provide.

As I look ahead to how I can help at Chapman, I would utilize the same business knowledge to benefit the LGBTQ Communities Advisory Group and its individual members. Many still face a stigma and oppression in the workforce, and I utilized Supreme Pride Store to help customers “show their pride” to shatter these shackles. As a Chapman student, nothing would reward me more than to use my strengths as an entrepreneur to eliminate this marginalized position.

Jake Blanchfield