$200 and The Internet

It all started with $200 and the internet.

As an aspiring young entrepreneur, I spent much of my free time on YouTube, watching inspirational videos that occasionally provided valuable information. I stumbled across the dropshipping business model through these videos and realized its immense potential. By taking inventory and shipping off my hands, the overhead and barriers to entry reduced dramatically.

With this in mind, I launched Supreme Pride Store in August last year with $200 to build a website. For two months, I didn’t make any sales. Even with all my thought and preparation, nothing happened.

Then, in October, just before heading off to school, I checked my inbox and couldn’t stop smiling. I had finally completed my first sale—which would soon turn into a deluge of sales.

Over just the next eight months, I hit $60,000 in sales with a 20 percent profit margin. I managed three employees, spent over four hours a day handling marketing campaigns and website management—all while going to class—and generated ideas for the company’s future. The company grew so much, a private equity firm bought it out this past September.

The numbers look pretty on paper, but I take much more joy in helping the LGBTQ community “show their pride.” We distributed flags and shirts to all 50 states and over 30 countries, all with the intent of giving back to this marginalized group.

No one can measure the ROI off of that $200 investment.


Jake Blanchfield