Inescapable Consumption

Four months ago I gave up my Iphone 10 for a brand new flip phone. I felt the need to escape the constant consumption of social media and entertainment platforms. Abandoning my phone worked, for a little bit. The first few days were bliss. I was getting proper sleep and spending absolutely no time on the social media platforms. But is cutting off an essential societal system healthy? If i stop using my smartphone will I become more productive?

The answers could not be anymore grey. From my personal experience, it is not healthy to be on constantly; although, it was very difficult to stay off of the things I ran away from. For the first month or so, I stayed off social media almost completely. I spent days noticing the little things, and being more in-tune during conversations during lunch and with friends and family. Although, this would not last, after little time I had a social media relapse, looking up Youtube and Instagram on my laptop. Then all the way to using my Ipad in my bed on a nightly basis. Without these things, I felt as an outsider, which is a feeling not many can handle well.  I would only be telling one side of the story if I did not include the bad parts. I lost the world’s best tool box. I lost the ability to look up crucial information at crucial times. I was limited on my ability to communicate with others, without having popular communications applications. Even with texting I became limited on my ability to express my feelings, because it takes too long to do so.

The main reason I gave up my phone was because I felt that it was holding my back from doing the things I wanted to do, and achieving the things in which I wanted to achieve. I was seeking productivity. The one thing that I can say for curtain, my transition did not make me more productive, it did not make me a super-worked, and it did not make me a business master. This is all because, my smartphone is not the reason for my shortcomings. In fact, there are no external things that are responsible for these shortcomings what so ever.

So, should I try getting rid of my smartphone for awhile?

Yes, absolutely, I would not take it back for anything. Living in a society where one device holds so much power, it is important to realize the effect which it takes in our daily lives. For some, ditching the smartphones may be the best possible solution, for others, maybe going one day without a smartphone is way too much. No matter the circumstances, it is good to have an understanding on what smartphones mean to you.

Jake Blanchfield