The key to business is consistency. There is no way around that fact. The best analogy for the importance of consistency in business can be shown in planting a tree. A tree does not grow to a 100 ft overnight. Each idea starts small, and each tree starts as a sapling. Now, that the tree is planted all it needs is to be nurtured day after day. It needs sunlight and constant water and proper conditions. The tree will continue to grow for years, but at the start it needs lots of help. The cool thing about a tree is that once it is big enough, the tree can continue to grow much easier. Then it is self-sustaining for years to come.

Here’s the things, if there is one thing that I am bad at; it is consistency. It is likely my biggest possible downfall. Although, I am very optimistic that I will have the ability to overcome my problems with consistency. I will just need to continue to try, and I will improve my levels of consistency over time.

Jake Blanchfield